Welcome to The Halls; The Faded Realm. This place used to be the prestigious guildhall of a long forgotten order of mages, existing outside of any normal reality and were fashioned to their liking. That was a long ago, however… These halls have been long since abandoned.

Though the Halls exist where none can find, The gateways to the place are easy to be stumble upon by accident. A circle of sacred stones, a archway in forgotten ruins…one false step will bring you here. Unfortunately, nothing in the Halls has enough power to gate out again, making the place a millennia-old trap…

Everyone here is 'out-of-tune', its not called "The Faded Realm" for nothing. Being 'out-of-tune' causes a number if Ailments… weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If you don't keep a hold of yourself here, the fates might just loose their grip on you as well, and then even the Leshion's can't help you.

Hmm? oh, the "Leshions" are a prestigious guild of mage-priests that tend the realms, and its denizens, as best that they are able. It is they that hold much of the Warren's lore, and know the most about its many devices and structures. It is they that wield the power of the conflux stones, Including the Mighty Eox Ka'vii, which they use to shore up the realm and stave off its inevitable degradation.

The Leshions are our only salvation in this realm, but they hold their secrets close, only they know how to shape the halls to their liking, and only they know the vital art of reattunement. unfortunately it is not a perfected art, there is always a few flaws and weaknesses that remain.