MOV AX, $0003 ; Mode 3, 25x80x16col
INT $10


Textmode is a modeflag, originally set in Australia. It programs, and it runs games on the DarkMyst IRC Network.

It presently denies any rumors of artistic endeavors.


Textmode runs the games Epoc and The Halls on the DarkMyst IRC Network, in the channels #Epoc-OoC, and #TheHalls-OoC respectively. It also maintains the channel #FourStags_OoC for ad-hoc sessions.

For unknown reasons, it tends to favor a little-known ruleset called The Window, and has created a crash course for it.


Textmode has been known to lurk on the Darkmyst and Freenode IRC networks. Rumors of sightings in #conceptart on WhatNET are to be disregarded as merely fevered imaginings.

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